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getting started
Your Visit

Following initial contact and before the first visit, Dr. Burt spends considerable time discussing with you your condition, and how best to meet your needs. Should you decide to make an appointment with Dr. Burt, any questions or concerns regarding the details of treatment and payment will be discussed with you.

The first visit will be about 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 hours in length. Spouses, partners, family members, and other significant people in your life are welcome to join for all or part of the first visit. Should additional treatment visits be scheduled, follow-up appointments, generally lasting 45 minutes, will be made. If the visit is a consultation, you and any caregivers for whom you provide written permission will receive a full copy of the consultative report, which will include my evaluation, diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and justification for these recommendations supported by evidence-based data and my clinical experience and judgment.

Dr. Burt follows all of her patients closely, and is readily available for questions, clarification, and concerns.

Payment is due at each session and may be made by check, cash, mastercard or visa. Receipts are issued for each payment and may be submitted by the patient to his/her insurance company for reimbursement. Dr. Burt does not accept insurance or Medicare and is not a member of any insurance panels.